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Size: 6”x11”
Stock: 9PT Gloss Cover
Coating: Gloss Aqueous Coating

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Upload Your Own List

If you choose to upload your own mailing list rather than use our interactive target selection process you can do that here! Your mailing list must be a CSV or Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file containing the following columns:


You can download a sample Excel mailing list file by clicking Here.

Each address will be verified and cleaned to match USPS mailing standards.

I have verified that there are no spelling mistakes or content errors. I am satisfied with the layout, design, and messaging, and I assume full responsibility for any typographical errors. If any changes or file edits must be made after my order is approved and paid, I am aware and accept that a reprocessing fee will apply. I also understand that once my order is in print, I cannot make any changes.

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